To ease your load for final exams next week due to the extended break, we will have a sight-reading exam in orchestra.  We will practice the procedure in class for the next 3 classes, but I'm confident you will do fine.

  • I will provide a short excerpt for you to sight-read in front of me
  • I will give you 1 minute to look over the excerpt without playing through (as we do in Festival or State S&E)
  • You will perform the excerpt for me, and I will assess your performance of the music based on a rubric

The Rubric I will use to assess your performance is below.  You don't need to practice for a sight-reading exam, obviously, however you can do a few things to mentally prepare yourself for the task:
  • Read the rubric so you know what I am looking for
  • Actively engage in the task, and speak "out-loud" what you will need to pay attention to, i.e. "Look for repeat signs", "What is my key signature", "What finger patterns are in this music", "What is the meter"
  • When we practice in class, do these mental rehearsals so that when you are in the exam, nerves won't get the best of you.

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A word from Ms. Wren...

Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Wren and I am excited to be your student teaching intern this semester. I am originally from Atlanta, GA and am currently a super-senior at Michigan State University, where many of your interns and observers have come from to see the great things going on in the orchestra program at Waverly. 

To tell you a little bit about myself, I switched to bass in 6th grade after playing the violin for a year in 5th grade. For various reasons (mostly because of the screeching sound of the high E string), I didn’t enjoy my 5th grade year of violin playing and I was ready to drop out of music completely by the time 6th grade came around. But my mom teamed up with the middle school orchestra teacher after seeing how great strings class had been for my brother and they convinced me to try out the bass for a few weeks before I made a final decision. So I started staying after school for beginning bass lessons with the orchestra teacher, Mrs. Hans, and two other 6th graders who were also switching to bass. It was just about instant love when I first played that beast of an instrument. The low E string rumbled the floor and I was hooked on orchestra for good. Mrs. Hans let me take a school bass home and, especially in those early stages, I remember my parents having to stop me from practicing so much some nights because it would drive them crazy. 

Since those beginning years, being a bassist has lead me to many places I very likely would have never gone had I not stuck with music as a middle and high schooler. From All-State Orchestras, to Interlochen Summer Arts Camp, to touring across the country with the Lansing folk band Doug Mains & the City Folk, to various other garage bands and side projects with friends. Music has opened many doors in my life to travel and meet new people from around the globe. I know it can do the same for you, so stick with it, kids!  

If there is anything I can do for you throughout the semester, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to a great semester of learning with you all and Mrs. Spurbeck. 

Students will have an opportunity to rent instruments on Wednesday, September 4th from 6:30-8:30 in the orchestra room. Please see the attached flyer for information about rental options and pricing.  Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you might have!
It's hard to believe we are starting another year!  We have a terrific season of concerts this year.  Here's the schedule. You can also access the calendar (with updates) by clicking here.
Here's the calendar for the year.  We'll have a separate calendar for Memphis 2013 events and fundraisers.
I've posted a slideshow of some excellent pictures Eldon McGraw took of the Spaghetti Dinner!  Thanks to all who helped out!  This is becoming a fun tradition.
Pickup will be at the High School outside the Orchestra room doors (room 12).  We will be there after school until 6:30.  See you then!
I have made flashcards on Quizlet for you to practice your music vocabulary.  Here's the link:
The password is music.Enjoy!  Study hard!
To get ready for our vocabulary post-test, you can study for the test on Quizlet.  This is a website that you can use to make flashcards and quiz yourself!  Here's the link to our set of flashcards:

The password is music.
Below is an application for the Alumni Association Scholarship.  The deadline is November 30.  Scholarship amounts range from $70 to $150.  This can be applied towards your music lessons.  I will have extra copies available in the orchestra room!
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